peterA Touch of Classics is the result of a hobby that got out of control. I (Peter Down) the Owner/Director have been a car and motorcycle enthusiast from the age of 5 when my “uncle Ronnie” built me a Go-Kart (wooden with pram wheels and no engine) for my birthday.

After crashing my older brothers “Capri” scooter into the tree at the bottom of the garden I was told that “at 7 years old I was too small to ride a real motorised vehicle” and would have to wait.

On my 16th birthday I was on the road on a 125cc Vespa and was caught, fined and endorsed for speeding 2 days in a row! By my 17th birthday it was a Honda 250 K0.

After serving an apprenticeship as an electrician I soon graduated to cars but always kept 2 wheels in some shape or form.

peterandsueAfter 3 children (2 boys 1 Girl) 37 cars and 15 motorcycles I decided to start my own Electrical Contracting Company specialising in Hazardous and Explosive areas installations in the London area, 10 years and countless traffic jams on the A12 and M25 it was time for me to settle at home and enjoy the company of my long suffering wife Susan.

My collection of Classic Cars and Motorcycles had now grown to over 50 vehicles,  so I thought why not turn my hobby into a business, after all I was too old for Amateur Boxing my other hobby of nearly 30 years.

I love cars and bikes from the 60's & 70's, I believe it’s because it was my era!

Peter L Down.