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Offers invited for this 1971 Yamaha 125  that has covered only 12,089 miles since new by only 2 owners, the last owner having the bike for the last 41 years. The bike has not been started for over 30 years. Apart from the side badges missing the bike is all there and ALL totally original as it left the factory 40 odd years ago. The original handle bars were changed at purchase  "for comfort reasons" I have been told. Even the rear rack  was fitted when new. The condition is good enough to leave as it is all original but the other 2 choices are a good clean, Polish and get it running or, Total Restoration however the Bi-Word for classics to quote Wayne Carini and Henry Cole  is " "they are only original once" Careful thought is required for the NEW owner of this VERY rare example of a 125 twin that would chase down and pass a British bike twice its size in 1971. The bike has now arrived and the last four photos are areas I have spent 1 hour in all cleaning it is coming up nice. I can also now report that the engine turns over with good compression, each gear engages, the carbs go up and down, the suspension works, the brakes and clutch work, the wheels and spokes are in very good condition unusual for  a bike this age but the tyers are Knackard. I connected a battery temporarily to test and found that the Lights, Indicators, Brake light, and Horn all work I turned the engine over and it has a spark. Oh and the seat has a solid base and, the original seat cover is whole no rips but the stuffing is disintegrating... still there though. 


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